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For Mikey

In which I post a song for your listening enjoyment, even though this is Not A Music Blog.

Today:  Excision & Datsik – Calypso (Original Mix)*


Since, as previously noted, this is Not A Music Blog, I will not elaborate overlong on these tracks.  That said, you really should listen to this song if you enjoy music that makes you want to drive a Road – Warrior like deathmobile through the decaying, apocalyptic streets of a dark, rain-soaked metropolis, alternately pummeling zombies and stopping to crip walk.  Dirt McGirt.  There must be something in the water in the U.K., that shit like this just sounds normal to them.  Still, their dementia is our gain.  I can’t wait to hear this song in a sci-fi/action movie, seriously.  Peace.

*A brief aside – I have many mp3’s tagged like this – SongName (Original Mix).  I mean, wouldn’t it be assumed that a song is the ‘original mix’ if not otherwise noted?  I think remix culture may have gone too far.  Coming soon – artists releasing remixes of songs without ever releasing the originals.  At what point is a remix simply a new track that samples some short snippets of another track?  Philosophical dillemas of the laptop dj era.