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Given that I now have a desk job, and inspired by the prolific and proficient blogging by friend David Rabie @ his truly fantastic Shanghai Blog I have decided to take up the mantle of blogging once more.  If you enjoy reading long-winded, rambling, but funny and occasionally insightful takes on food, the NBA, and (occasionally) politics, then you are probably me, and thus are already reading this blog.  There is, however, the small chance that you are NOT me, and yet maintain some perverse desire to know MORE of what I think (most people I encounter kindly suggest I verbalize LESS of my thoughts, but perhaps this is a case of the medium overtaking the message), and in that case, this blog will be a treasure trove for you.  Take my wisdom, drink it in.  Oh yes.


1.  Obtain and analyze the finest taco available in the Los Angeles region.

2.  Obtain and analyze my favorite Laker.  This may have to be done by remote, owing to certain laws regarding “trespassing” and “harassment.”

3.  Try and discover why separation of Church and State seem not to apply to the concept of same-sex marriage.  Backup plan: tilt at windmills.

If I don’t update this blog daily, you have my permission to throw things.